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Blogger Series Annie Fairfax loves Bobeau!

If you’ve seen any of my recent posts featuring Bobeau clothing herehere, and here, or on my Instagram, you’ll know how much I love this brand! Everything is under $100, and it’s so easy to wear. They have consistent, but fun, color palettes that make picking outfits a breeze. I love the feminine colors and cut of this floral dress I’m wearing above, and each of the 3 times I’ve worn it, I’ve had people stop me and ask where I bought it. Pieces by Bobeau are also really simple to clean, and I’ve washed this dress on delicate/cold and it came out looking the same as the day I received it. Check out their new arrivals here, and keep an eye out for how I style more lovely dresses this spring and summer!

Annie + Bobeau

B Collection by Bobeau

Brianna Long Print Kimono

Brianna Plus Size Print Long Kimono