Cara Loren in Jenah Tie Sleeve Dress by B Collection By Bobeau.


On her blog on Monday she says ” I did something with this look I don’t always do. Mixed stripes with camo….oh no you might say! Did she really?! Haha, well yes I did and I loved the way it turned out. This casual look is one I wore on Sunday but could be worn on a night out or to meetings or whatever. The pieces, though different, just work together and that again is what I love about styling and putting looks together. Sometimes the pieces you would have never paired together at first sight can come together surprisingly nice. I have each of the pieces below so check them out if you like, and I hope you all have an absolutely wonderful Monday. I want to sincerely thank each of you for following along my family and I ‘s journey and for supporting all I do. There aren’t words enough say thanks, but I will continue to say it, thank you!”


She looks great in the dress !! Shop Now