In part that’s due to a common misconception in office culture that those who work the longest hours are the hardest working employees. Vacation is seen as a luxury, instead of a right, and it’s made it so that few full time working Americans are taking time-off. In 2014 42% of working Americans didn’t take a single vacation day. Not one. In 2013 Americans collectively squandered 169 million vacation days. Yet this pattern is taking its toll on workers, proving to have a negative ripple effect on employee mental health, productivity, even the economy.

Taking your vacation days is necessary. So don’t be scared to ask. (Put those requests in writing now!) Studies have shown that the respite effects of a vacation can increase productivity, concentration, and creativity, by as much as 80 percent. There are even companies offering bonuses to employees who use their vacation days. (Sounds like a dream, right?)

With Summer right around the corner, also known as the season for vacationing, we want to encourage your to take time to yourself. And help you pack right with a little help from Bobeau Collection. From the city to the desert to the beach, Bobeau has head-to-toe styles you need to get out of town and on your way to well-rested.

If you’re going to vacation in the city, you need a wardrobe with a bit more structure. Opt for a matching two-piece like the above Pleat Front Blouse and Emilia Stripe Palazzo Pant. You can create four outfits from four simple, but chic pieces. All you have to do is add a black Elsa Palazzo Pant and a white Double Layer Tank to your packing list. It’s smart dressing, the city way. You can go from the museum to drinks to dinner and beyond.

If relaxing in the dry heat of the desert with a mojito in hand while taking in the neutral palettes of the landscape sounds right up your vacation alley. You only need a few key elements for the laid-back escape. Put your phone on silent for a weekend and enjoy the cacti in a Maxi Skirt with a white Lace Aplique Knit Top. Breezy and tumbleweed easy. Because you should look fresh while you refresh.

Finally, if a white sand beach with picaresque palms and hammocks between the trees is your dream vacay, look no more further. All you need is a couple of bikinis, some lightweight coverups and a dress or two. The above Sleeveless Slit Tunic is ideal for morning walks down shore. And the below effortless Camellia Palm Print Maxi goes from cabana to dinner to dancing at the beach bar. Tulum, here you come.

No matter where you’re headed make sure you head somewhere. A little you time is one of the smartest decisions you can make to feel reinvigorated and in your best boss head space.